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A wonderful gift

I have no words for what I witnessed tonight. Here is the story... I came to Cheko Ruiz & Big Band show at The Palm Cabaret and Bar. Show is incredible and full of rhythm and energy, like all the productions Cheko leads. As all we know COVID is affecting the entertainmnet world, and puerto vallarta is no exception. Businesses and performers are trying very hard to bring people in to the shows as season already started.

Tonight we where a short group of people at Cheko's concert, the band did not give up and leave their soul on the stage. In front of my seat where a couple really enjoying the show, A lovely couple that I will never forgot. The men called to the Manager and request the purchase of 20 tickets on Cheko's Band behalf, "this guys worked very hard to bring this show that I am really enjoying..." he said. I was so touched and happy for such a big action I witnessed, but the story continue. At the end of the show the couple went to the box office and purchase 10 more tickets!!! OMG!!! 30 tickets for tonight where paid to support the performer, that says a lot, there still good actions and art supporters. On the name of Cheko Ruiz, the musicians, The Palm Cabaret and ME... THANK YOU, you have give me a good lesson tonight.


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